Am I in Love With Him? Quiz

am i in love with him?

If you clicked on this quiz, then there is probably a guy in your life that you have feelings for that you are trying to figure out. This quiz will help you decide if your feelings are more than just infatuation. Remember, it’s important to answer each question honestly to get the most accurate results and personalized recommendation.

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Based on the answers you have given, it seems like your feelings are based in true love rather than infatuation!

Unfortunately, based on your answers it seems like you are not truly in love with him. We recommend that you avoid pursuing a relationship with him simply because it is not worth the potential damage it could cause both of you long-term in your search for the one you truly love.

#1. Do you think your core values, beliefs, and future goals are significantly different?

#2. Do you feel a longing or emptiness when he’s not around, even for short periods of time?

#3. Do you have a sense that you are compromising your own standards or settling in the relationship?

#4. Can you be your true self without fear of judgment when you’re with him?

#5. Are you prepared to adjust aspects of your life or make compromises for his sake and the sake of the relationship?

#6. Is how he looks just as important or more important than his personality?

#7. Do you feel safe both emotionally and physically when you are around him?

#8. Do you frequently feel annoyed or lose patience with him over small things?

#9. Are your thoughts often occupied with him, regardless of what you're doing?

#10. Do you tend to focus more on his negative qualities and actions than on his positive ones?

#11. Do you frequently think about or desire a romantic relationship with someone other than him?

#12. Are you able to see his imperfections and still love and accept him for who he is?

#13. Are you genuinely concerned about his health, happiness, and overall well-being, or do you care more about the joy, security, and comfort that he provides you?

#14. Do you feel a sense of closeness and understanding that goes beyond physical attraction?

#15. Are you willing to put in the effort to work through disagreements or issues, even if they are very difficult to talk about?

#16. If it came down to it, would you sacrifice your life for him?