Hopeless Romantic Quiz

Hopeless Romantic Quiz

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Based on the answers you gave, you are likely a hopeless romantic!

It looks like you are NOT a hopeless romantic.

#1. Do I often find myself daydreaming about love and romance?

#2. Are you more focused on finding someone who is compatible with your lifestyle and values rather than someone who ignites strong passions?

#3. Are you constantly seeking or waiting for the perfect person to spend your life with?

#4. How much do you enjoy romantic movies, books, and stories?

#5. Do you go out of your way to put effort into planning and creating special, romantic experiences with your partner?

#6. Do you feel disappointed when reality doesn’t match your romantic expectations?

#7. Do you ever find yourself building imaginary romantic scenarios in your head about someone you don't even regularly talk to or who doesn't even know who you are?

#8. Are you doubtful about the idea of instantly knowing someone is your soulmate?

#9. Do you interpret and value the significance behind small acts of affection?

#10. Do you believe that love can conquer all obstacles?

#11. Do you feel deeply invested in the romantic lives of friends, family, or even fictional characters?

#12. Do you enjoy spending your time writing or thinking about love poems, letters, or songs?

#13. Are you more likely to value clear, direct communication with someone rather than poetic or flowery language?

#14. Would you consider yourself an emotionally sensitive person?

#15. Do you believe in true love?

#16. Do you appreciate useful, practical gifts more than sentimental ones?

#17. Do you have very high internal standards for a potential parter, one that most people do not seem to live up to?

#18. Do you find public or grand romantic gestures awkward or unnecessary?

#19. Do you ever find yourself letting someone's small flaws prevent you from getting into a relationship with them?

#20. Have you ever had a short, random encounter with a stranger that you can't get out of your head, even years later?